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Maintenance of the machine is very important, maintenance can increase the life of the machine, and less unnecessary trouble.The following is the basic content of the Blister Packing Machine ABM-I maintenance.
The capsule counter can be used for the counting and bottling of empty capsules and filled capsules. The device can completely avoid human contact with the product during operation, meeting the hygienic requirements, and has simple operation and fast packaging speed. They are very suitable for use by pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Powder mixers are divided into a variety of types depending on the mode of motion and the situation in which they are targeted. CapsulCN are able to offer V Cone Blender Machine, Horizontal Ribbon Blender Machine and 3D Powder Blender Machine.
Adjust the temperature by pressing the arrow keys. The program of the temperature controller has been locked up, please do not try to enter in.Please adjust the temperature between 95-140 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the blister sheet would be deformed, while with the temperature which is too low, the heating effect would be not good.
Maintenance of Code Printer Machines -Wednesday, June 12, 2019
The code printer is used for coding the surface of materials such as paper boxes, paper, plastic bags and aluminum foil. It is used in medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other industries. It is an integral part of the packaging industry.
Automatic Label Printing Machine is designed for small business, click Labeling Application Machineto buy online, or browse other similar products.
The high-quality granule filling machine can not only improve the quality of packaging products, but also effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, greatly reduce the production pressure of the production enterprises, and bring more benefits to the enterprise.
The basic functions of any bottling line are consistent. This line can be widely used in fast counting and bottling of tablets, capsules, pills and other drugs of various shapes and sizes. The process of bottling of drugs generally includes plastic bottle sort out, particle metering and bottling, anti-crushing, moisture-proof items adding, gland or screw cap, aluminum foil seal, drug labeling, etc. A complete line includes sealing machines, counting machines, labeling machines, capping machines and a range of other equipment.
Automatic capsule filling machine is a fully automatic capsule filling machine, with which capsule separation, filling and locking can be done automatically. The machine that can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Under normal circumstances, stainless steel will not rust. However, if the stainless steel is not used or maintained properly, or the environment in which it is located is too harsh, stainless steel may be rusted. When we see the yellow or orange rust on the steel surface, we can quickly confirm that it is a sign of rust.